Walking your dog isn’t just about exercise – it’s a bonding experience, a training opportunity, and a chance for your furry friend to explore the world around them.

Which Gear is Best? Collar, Martingale, or Harness?

The first step in preparing for a walk is selecting the appropriate gear for your dog.

  • Regular Collars: Well-trained dogs may be okay using just a regular collar on walks. These are dogs that don't pull and are predictable and not likely to want to chase a squirrel or another dog you might pass. The collar needs to be snug, but not tight. You should be able to slip a finger between the collar and neck of your dog.

  • Martingale Collars: These are great for walks because they gently tighten when your dog pulls, lessening the chance of a collar slip off. We use them with the dogs we rescue and have found them to be perfect for most dogs. They distribute the tension across the neck and are the next level up for safe walks. Dogs with smaller heads than necks definitely need a martingale - think greyhound or whippet.

  • Harnesses or Vests: The ultimate in safety, harnesses and vests ensure that when a dog pulls, the person can pull back safely without losing control of the dog. They distribute the pressure across the chest and shoulders rather than the neck, making it a safer option for dogs that pull. Our Easy Walker and Reversible Vests have reflective trim, making them perfect for night time walks. The Easy Walker also has a padded handle which is perfect for when you may need to pull back a little bit more, but don't want to use the leash.

Which Kind of Leash?

  • Matching Leashes: All of our Lucky Love Dog collars have matching patterned leashes that are made from reinforced woven polyester. They also have super durable and strong attachment clips that will easily and quickly attach to your dog's collar or leash.

  • The Austin Rope Leash: Our rope leash is the ultimate in safety. Made of reinforced climbing rope, the Austin also has a sturdy claw attachment clip that will ensure your dog stays safe. Dog walkers LOVE the padded handle as it is super comfortable on your hand.

SH*T Happens!

When you are out and about with your pooch, you DO NOT want to be without clean-up gear! Our two convenient bag holder options make clean-up a breeze.

  • Grey Bag Holder: Our best-selling neutral grey bag holder will match all your Lucky Love Dog gear. It is big enough to hold a treat and your keys, and the bags easily glide out the opening on the side. It can be attached to the leash by the included clip or by the self-fastening straps. We include a roll of eco-friendly bags, too!

  • Patterned Bag Holders: Our beautiful patterned bag holders are both functional and cute! Lots of patterns to choose from and they match some of our best-selling collars and leashes. They attach using a clip and include a roll of eco-friendly bags!

Dogs Get Thirsty and Hungry on the Go!

Our handy and adjustable travel dog bowls are perfect when you want to hydrate or feed your furry best friend! BPA free, our bowls also are microwave and dishwasher safe, making them a perfect option for both home and hiking usage. The bowls fold up flat and can adjust to the size of your dog. Available in 3 great colors!

Dog walks can be a wonderful bonding experience and can be something for both you and your dog to look forward to! We have all the gear any dog needs to ensure that their walks are both comfortable and enjoyable!