Rescued and Loved

Some of the beautiful lives recently saved thru our rescue work at Addicus' Legacy Dog Rescue. Every dog here has a sad and painful past, but we work hard to give them a new beginning and find the best forever family for them. We typically have over 100 dogs in foster homes in the Austin area and Connecticut. We transport dogs to adopters in the Northeast every week or two, in addition to adopting out in Austin.

We rescue abandoned dogs off euthanasia lists at shelters, off the street and from neglectful and abusive homes. We've rescued dogs in Texas, Alabama, Louisiana, Thailand and Mexico.

We save medical cases, puppies, hospice cases and whoever needs our help.

We rely on fundraising and donations to continue the mission....we lose on average $400 for every dog adopted out.

Over 5000 dogs are alive thanks to the work of dedicated volunteers at Addicus.

Rescue on!