Fostering Saves Lives.  Volunteering saves lives.  Donating saves lives.

Rescues rely on the help of volunteers to save each and every dog.  Before a dog is tagged for rescue off the euthanasia list, a foster home must be secured.  And then transport must be found…often times dogs are moved many, many miles to their foster home.  Dogs often arrive scared and sometimes under socialized….foster homes provide the patient and tender landing pad they need while they decompress from the stress of the shelter and come out of their shell.  Dogs will need socialization and TLC to get them ready for adoption.  All dogs are treated at the vet for any medical conditions and spay/neutered.  When they are ready to find their family, rescues have adoption coordinators that process applications and interview potential adopters.  It's truly a village effort to get one dog adopted out!

Visit your local animal shelter to see how you can help!