WIDE Oscar Collar

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Fabulous, bold pattern -  1.5" WIDE.....perfect for dogs with large necks and sighthounds with sleek heads and necks.  

Oscar is bright and happy—just like the dog it's named after (see his rescue story below)! This is a modern twist on a classic pattern: apple green, blueberry, and cherry red camo. It's a head-turning pattern that looks great on both girl and boy dogs!

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    The story:  Oscar lived on a chain for years...when we rescued him, his 13 pack members had perished, and he was on the verge of starvation and dying of cold exposure.  We saved both Oscar and his sweet friend Zuzu.  After a year of medical care and rehab, both dogs were adopted.  Oscar is a bright light - he gallops around like a small pony and adores his new family and furry sister.  We love this boy!  #addicuslegacydogrescue